About Us

Welcome to Hurricane Motorsports, Inc. (HMI)

Hurricane Motorsports, Inc. is owned and operated by yours truly based in St. Petersburg, FL.

Being involved in driving, building, maintaining, stock cars, ships, heavy equipment, road racing cars and land speed racing motorcycles for decades a progression to providing racing friends and others the best in products when “Nothing but the Best” will do was a natural fit.

From our headquarters and well equipped shop in St. Petersburg HMI provides the operating platform for the #174 GT Roadster campaigned in the Southeast under PBOC and NASA sanctioned events and the Modified Blown Fuel Hurricane Honda land speed racing motorcycle.

In addition to operating the racing teams HMI is dedicated to delivering products to friends and others with a clear objective of providing products that are the best in class and American made.

The demanding rigors of the racing environment quickly sort out superior products from the rest of the pack and to that end we have added Amsoil and Interstate Batteries to our product line.

I am a T-1 certified Amsoil Dealer and we can drop ship nationwide from one of Amsoil’s 12 distribution centers. If you are looking to reduce fuel costs, save energy, use American-made products, extend your oil change intervals, increase performance, and protect your valuable investments in your engines, transmissions, or industrial equipment, we can help you!

Learn more about synthetic oil, how it’s made, why it works, and what all the technical jargon means and buy Amsoil at Wholesale Cost

Interstate Batteries are the best in class and have every imaginable battery available for every application. If you are looking for reliability xtreme power and Outrageous Dependability Interstate has to be your choice.

Look for more exciting products and services to be available in the near future.

Happy Motoring

Carl Dilley